How to Access FTP Server From Browser?

Mar 23, 2022

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What is FTP?

FTP is a protocol, or set of rules, for exchanging files over the internet. It is typically used to transfer web pages and other information that can be represented in text form.

The FTP server stores the requested file on its hard disk before sending it back to the client computer. The client computer then retrieves the file by connecting to the hard disk over an internet connection.

Before we go ahead and make an FTP connections, we need to understand the types of FTP connections.

  1. Anonymous FTP access

    This type of FTP authentications are used for public assess of the files which can be downloaded from anywhere without requiring any authentications. These types of FTP servers are read only server.

  2. Only Username Required

    This type of FTP authentications mostly used in intranet where you just need to provide the user id to gain the access of the FTP server to download or upload the file.

  3. Username and Password required

    This type of FTP are most secured and only can be used by authorised Person to perform the read write operations. It also keeps the history of the action performed on to the server.

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