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Image Flipper is a tool that helps you flip or mirror images horizontally or vertically by uploading images. This tool reverses its orientation along a specific axis, resulting in a mirror-like effect.

Here's how image flippers work can be used:

  • Horizontal Flip: Sharpening can help improve the overall appearance of an image by making it appear crisper and more apparent.
  • Vertical Flip: A vertical flip reverses an image's top and bottom portions. It can be used to create a mirror image along the vertical axis or to correct the orientation of images captured upside down.
  • Artistic Expression: Artists might use image flippers to experiment with different compositions and explore how flipping an image changes its overall appearance and message.
Image Flipper

Here are some common reasons why people use image flippers :

  • Visual Effects:
  • Creating Mirror Images:
  • Reflection Effects:

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