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Online Source Code Viewer

Source Code Viewer is an online tool that lets you view an HTML webpage's source code. The source code is the underlying markup language used to create the webpage, and it contains information about the page's layout, content, and functionality.

This tool helps you to load the content of any HTML or valid URL into the text editor. Source Code Viewer loads complete data fetched by the server into the text editor. This webpage code viewer uses ACE Editor with HTML Theme to show the HTML data in colored format.

The developer or designer wants to see his masterwork and what code the server is sending to the client's browser, and this tool can be a dream come true for the User.

To increase the website speed, developers minify the HTML code and send it to the browser to parse. This tool can format fetched HTML data and presents it in a human-readable format.

This functionality can also be achieved using the browser's view source code, but it cannot be easy to read the code if the code is minified version and without the proper editor.

What can you do with the Source Code Viewer?

  • It's easy to use tool to load URLs. Enter valid URL into the input text box and hit enter or click on the View button.
  • This Website code viewer can fetch data from any valid URL whether it could be a website or API or .css or .js file.
  • If you think if there is any suspicious website and do not want to open it in the browser, you can get the source code of that site using this tool

How does View Website's Code work?

This website sends the URL provided by the user to the server and the server fetches the URL using the curl method and returns the result to the website.

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