Pie Chart Maker

Pie Chart Generator

A pie chart maker is a tool that allows users to create pie charts to represent data visually. These charts can show the proportion of different categories within a data set and are often used to compare the relative sizes of other data points.

What is Pie Chart?

A pie chart is used to represent data in a circular format, where a circle is divided into sections that each represent a proportion of the whole. Each section, or "slice," of the pie represents a different category of data, and the dimension of the slice is proportional to the quantity it represents.

Pie charts are typically used to show the relative sizes of different categories within a data set and can be useful for comparing the proportion of different data points. They are widely used in business, finance, and education.

What can you do with Pie Chart Maker?

  • You can also download the Pie chart image after generating.
  • Pie Chart Maker Online works well on Windows, MAC, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

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