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JSON to JSONL Converter Online

A JSON to JSONL converter converts data from the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format to the JSON Lines (JSONL) format. JSON Lines is a format that represents JSON objects in a line-separated manner, where each line contains a single valid JSON object.

What can you do with JSON to JSONL?

  • It helps user to convert your JSON String/Data to JSONLine String.
  • This tool supports JSON URL, which fetches JSON and converts to JSONL.
  • JSON to JSONL Online works well on Windows, MAC, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

Example of JSON File for minify

JSON String Try it.

  {"name": "Berkshire Hathaway", "Market Capitalization": "$714 billion"},
  {"name": "Cigna", "Market Capitalization": "$76 billion"}

Converted JSONL

{"name":"Berkshire Hathaway","Market Capitalization":"$714 billion"}
{"name":"Cigna","Market Capitalization":"$76 billion"}

Know more about JSON.

Converting JSON to JSONL can often be used in various scenarios where the system supports processing data record by record or when you need to work with large datasets more efficiently, such as in data analysis, data streaming, or data storage systems.

For Advanced Users

External JSON URL fro JSONL

Load External JSON URL to convert to JSONL in Browser URL like this https://codebeautify.org/json-to-jsonl-converter?url=external-url


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